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If you’re an avid surfer in search of the perfect waves, then Sumbawa is the place for you. With its crystal-clear waters and stunning shorelines, this Indonesian paradise offers some of the best surf spots around.

Sumbawa is an elongated island situated next to Lombok, much-visited for its beautiful scenery. It’s over 100 miles long and connects up with East Nusa Tenggara. Getting here may be challenging but it’ll be worth your while; there are regular ferries from the east side of Lombok as well as short flights directly from Bali or Lombok (with a bit of driving when you reach Sumbawa).

Consistent waves all-year round.

Did you know that we have two of Indonesia’s best waves situated close to each other? With just a 10-minute walk to Yoyos or 8-minute ride to Tropicals, you’ll be surfing some of the most dependable waves in the world. This is THE place to go if you’re looking for guaranteed waves. West Sumbawa has something for everyone – whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer.

Get ready for some killer barrels

Surf questions...

We currently don’t have surfboard rentals at the resort, but we can definitely direct you to the nearest ones. There are several reputable rental shops nearby, offering a wide range of boards for all skill levels. Additionally, our concierge team is happy to assist with transportation arrangements to these shops.

Absolutely. Once you’re here, just pop over to our front reception, and we’ll help you link up with a trusted local surf guide who knows these breaks like the back of their hand.

While the beauty of Sumbawa’s waves is undeniable, they tend to cater more to intermediate and experienced surfers.

There is a beginner to intermediate wave on the right at tropicals but most of the other breaks aren’t beginner-friendly.

If you’re keen to learn, we can connect you with surf guides familiar with the area who can provide advice and training.

Each break offers a unique allure, and here’s a concise rundown of what to expect and how far each is from the retreat:

  • Scar Reef: Located roughly an hour north, Scar Reef is for goofy footers looking to master the art of the backdoor entry on this hollow reef break. Renowned for its fast pace and shallow reefs, it’s best suited for experienced surfers, especially on days with swells above 5 feet but below 12 with gentle winds.
  • Super Suck: A 25-minute scooter ride will get you to Super Suck. As the name suggests, it’s a dramatically hollow wave that forms a tight barrel over a shallow reef. While it’s breathtaking and exhilarating, it also demands respect. Surfing here is like experiencing the Skeleton Bay of Indo, albeit slightly more forgiving
  • Tropical: Approximately 8 minutes by scooter from Kirana, Tropical awaits with its mellow vibe. Predominantly a left-hander, it shines during medium-sized SW swells in the dry season. Though occasionally inconsistent, when conditions are right, the ride is long and thrilling.
  • Yo-Yos: Just a 10-minute walk away, Yo-Yos is a duo of compelling breaks. The Wedge provides a quick rebound wave, leading surfers into an exciting right shoulder. The Hook, on the other hand, is a rising wave over the reefs that results in a semi-hollow right. Both spots are most enjoyable on shoulder- to head-high swells with favourable winds.

One of the best things about Sumbawa is the relatively uncrowded nature of our waves. Many surfers who visit are pleasantly surprised by the tranquillity they find, allowing for a more serene and personal surf experience.

Besides the general surfing guidelines, it’s important to be aware of the shallow reefs, especially at breaks like Super Suck and Scar Reef.

It’s always a good practice to surf within your limits, observe the conditions before paddling out, and when in doubt, consult with local surfers or guides. We also recommend reef booties for foot protection against sharp corals.

Sumbawa enjoys warm tropical waters year-round. Most surfers find board shorts or a bikini comfortable. However, if you plan on extended sessions, you might consider a light wetsuit top or rash guard to prevent sunburn and chafing.

The prime surfing season in Sumbawa runs from April to October during the dry season. This period sees the most consistent swells, especially from the SW channel.

However, it’s always wise to check daily conditions or consult with our local guides, as ocean currents, tides, and winds can fluctuate. Yo-Yos is famous for its consistency all year round.

Of course!

While there are some places to rent boards, many surfers prefer the familiarity of their own. If you’re flying, make sure to check beforehand that they’ll allow you to check your boards in.

Not all airlines do.

There are a few local surf shops around, offering basic supplies and accessories. For extensive board repairs, it’s best to enquire at our front reception, and we’ll guide you to the nearest reliable service.