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Dive & Snorkel

Dropping beneath the surface, you dive into a realm of pure adventure and unimaginable sea exploration. With a mask and your snorkel set in tow, you can experience up close and personal the wonders that the ocean beholds: coral of all shapes, sizes, and colours; vibrant schools of fish swimming amongst majestic crevices; kaleidoscopic aquatic life seemingly dancing to an unheard song.

With an estimated 25% of the world’s fish species, 75% of its coral species found in Indonesia alone, amazing snorkel and dive spots are abundant. Snorkel the city under the sea to get a taste of its wonders, and then suit up with a tank to dive even deeper into its depths. Encounter what hides beneath the waves—every dive opens up new secrets waiting to be discovered.

Crystal clear, untouched coral gardens.

Dive into Indonesia’s crystal clear waters for a thrilling underwater adventure. You can explore the city hidden beneath the sea with its vibrant coral gardens and schools of bright, rainbow-coloured fish. Dive deeper with a tank and you might even catch a glimpse of one of our resident turtles! Whether you’re snorkelling or scuba diving, let the depths of the ocean awe you and marvel at its beauty and mystery.

Experience the underwater magic

Dive and snorkel questions...

Our snorkel gear is ready and waiting for your next underwater adventure. And if you’re feeling adventurous enough to take a dive, our friendly team can equip you with all the necessary dive gear and air tanks – just give us a call and we’ll arrange to get the gear ready for you.

A snorkelling excursion through the kirana retreat bay is a must during your stay. In addition to being surrounded by brightly coloured fish, you’ll also be able to see beautiful coral in all shapes and sizes! However, if you’re feeling adventurous, there are several other bays and islands nearby that are worth exploring.

We have a guide that can take you out to great diving spots just off the bay at Kirana Retreat. Situated along Alas Strait – which is one of the deepest areas in Southeast Asia – you’ll have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks, manta rays and a plethora of other fish. Our Kirana Bay also offers deep underwater caves and schools of tropical fish and corals to explore. If you’re looking for more of an adventure, Sumbawa has many other beautiful places to dive including Moyo bay.