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All Inclusive Vacation Deals

Find your all inclusive package in paradise

Kirana Retreat invites you to a place where solo surfers glide on pristine waves, families bask in the joy of holiday experiences, and couples retreat to intimate alcoves kissed by sea breezes.

Our all inclusive vacation deals are a combination of personalised moments and experiences.
Ensuring that whether you’re here to surf solo, bond as a family, or enjoy the tranquillity of a couple’s retreat, your stay is as individual as you are.

Your perfect getaway isn’t a daydream here—it’s our promise, delivered with a touch of island bliss, away from the everyday hustle.

Couples' Paradise Package

For 2 people

Surfer’s Escape Package

For 2 people

Family Adventure Package

For 4 people
snorkel and dive


Couples' Paradise Package

Surfer’s Escape Package

Family Adventure Package

"Why would you go anywhere else?"

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Questions we get asked a lot...

We know that sometimes the best moments are unplanned. That’s why our all-inclusive deals are designed with a blend of structure and freedom.

We let you choose your own schedule for your surf lessons or horse riding adventures. No problem.

It’s about having the perfect vacation, your way, and we’re here to make it happen.


Immersing in local life enriches your getaway. We invite you to participate in the celebrations of cultural holidays like eid al-fitr, which introduces you to Sumbawa’s traditions, cultures and people.

We also offer local cooking classes, we bring the essence of the island to you.

And you’re always free to hire one of our scooters and explore the local villages on your own.

It’s the authentic experiences that turn a trip into a journey.

We’re all about the chase for that perfect, uncrowded wave.

Our surf instructors are locals who know the secret spots and best times to catch them. Plus, we cap our surf groups to keep things intimate.

So whether you’re a lone surfer or with family, expect plenty of space to ride the waves at your own pace.

Our surf instructors are seasoned pros, handpicked for their skill and teaching acumen. We help the local community by collaborating with local surf guides.

They’re here to help everyone, from the little groms to the seasoned surfers, up their game.

With their guidance, you’ll find the right challenges to progress and the support you need to take on the waves confidently.

No hidden costs here – what you see is what you get.

Our all-inclusive packages mean just that.

All the essentials are covered, from your nutritious breakfast to your unlimited access to snorkelling gear.

If there’s something extra you fancy, we’re upfront about the costs, so you can make the call.

The surf guides cater to all levels, so every family member feels part of the adventure.

the surf instructors tailor sessions to individual abilities, ensuring everyone gets a kick out of their time in the surf.

It’s about shared laughs, encouragement, and family memories made in the waves.

We take pride in delivering what we promise. Your vacation should be nothing short of amazing, and we’re committed to transparency and quality.

From the second you book to your last sunset on the island, we’re dedicated to making sure your time with us lives up to every expectation.

And we’re always here to listen and adapt if there’s anything you need.

We take the health of our planet seriously.

Our resort operates with sustainability at heart — from the turtle conservation program to the organic locally sourced produce in your meals. We also run beach clean-ups and coral reef conservation sessions.

Guests can join in, learn heaps and leave knowing they’ve helped just by being here.

You bet.

Our chefs are magicians with local recipes and love sharing their culinary secrets and local flavours.

on our menu, you’ll find, a range of local dishes. And if you’re not sure what to pick, our waitstaff always has great recommendations.

Want to try your hand at cooking? Book a cooking class (min 4 people). You’ll be whipping up a Sumbawan storm in no time.

To unwind, try our yoga classes at sunrise or a massage in your room.

If you’re looking to just relax, our hanging day beds by the ocean are perfect.

order a coconut, grab a book and relax. It’s the chill-out zone you’ve been dreaming of.