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Horse Riding

Horseback riding at Kirana Equestrian promises an unforgettable adventure! Enjoy a slow and peaceful ride along the shoreline, with the sights of the gently rolling waves lapping at the shores. For something more adventurous, take a trip inland to explore rocky riding trails and meander through rainforest trails that will leave you feeling enchanted.

Come meet our five beautiful horses, Cedric, Luna, Cantic, Amber and Uni. Our horses are part of the family, and we treat them with love and care, and train them with natural horsemanship. Our horses are gentle, strong and sure-footed – making them perfect for any beginner or experienced rider. At Kirana Equestrian, the safety of our guests is paramount, so you can rest assured that our qualified staff will be there to guide you every step of the way. We offer pre-booked horse riding lessons or group rides where we can tailor a ride to your requirements.

Enjoy the magical pastime of horseriding.

Horse riding is an incredibly magical pastime that brings immense joy, peace and rejuvenation to the rider. Horseback adventures unlock a special bond between horse and rider that enables a new level of understanding. Natural Horsemanship is the practice of using simple body language and verbal cues instead of force, creating a more trusting relationship. Horseback adventures are the perfect way to lay aside your worries, allowing you to meet this beautiful animal eye-to-eye. Connecting with a horse has mysterious healing powers that have been known for centuries.

Thoughts from our guests.

Horse riding questions...

At Kirana Stables all tours guided, our experienced guide takes you along the yoyo’s beach where you can ride with the sound of the waves in the background and the half moon bay ahead of you. We offer one hour rides that include a 15 minutes of pre-ride chat and introduction to our horses.

We take safety very seriously and have extensive measures in place to ensure the highest standards at all times. Our horses are regularly checked by our experienced staff, and riders are provided with helmets.

No prior horse riding experience is necessary to participate in Kirana Retreat’s horse riding experience. We will give you a 15 minute debreif and introduce you to our horses to make sure you are compatible with them. We also offer guided tours where the guide will will attach a lead to your horse and walk along side you. The friendly and experienced instructors will provide you with all the information needed for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Yes, Kirana Retreat’s horses are trained with Natural horsemanship and are treated with love and care. The experienced staff on Kirana Retreat takes great pride in caring for the horses and making sure they receive regular medical checkups to ensure their optimal health.

For Kirana Retreat’s horse riding experience, we suggest wearing sturdy shoes with a low heel (preferably closed toes) and long pants. Kirana Retreat also has helmets and other equestrian gear needed to have a safe and comfortable riding experience.