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Top 5 Family Accommodation Bali Resorts for Every Budget

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Bali, a gem in the Indonesian Islands, has long been a magnet for families looking for a unique mix of relaxation, adventure, and culture. 

This picturesque island offers a kaleidoscope of experiences, from its lush rice terraces and volcanic mountains to its vibrant arts scene and tranquil beaches. 

But, getting the most out of your holiday hinges on one critical choice: 

Finding the perfect family accommodation Bali.

Finding the right accommodation isn’t just about having a place to dump your bags or catch some Zs. 

It’s about creating a home base where your family can unwind, recharge and reconnect. 

The ideal resort serves as a launchpad for adventure as well as a retreat for relaxation.

Blending activities that keep the kids captivated with those that offer adults a chance to breathe and relax. 

Whether you’re after mouthwatering dining options, kid-friendly pools, or the ease of an all-inclusive package.

The right resort can elevate your Bali experience from good to unforgettable.

In this guide, we’ll walk through a curated selection of Bali resorts designed to fit any budget. 

From wallet-friendly finds to splurge-worthy sanctuaries, we’ve got you covered. 

So, whether you’re looking to save or splurge, read on to discover your family’s perfect Bali hideaway.

Discover your perfect family accommodation Bali

Choosing the right resort in Bali is a bit like hunting for treasure without a map. 

It’s out there, waiting to be discovered, but the search can feel overwhelming. 

To steer through the maze of options, we’ve honed in on a few key criteria: 

  • Budget-friendliness
  • Balance of activities for both children and adults
  • Quality dining experiences
  • Option for all-inclusive packages

And importantly, we’ve sought out spots that avoid the crush of the crowds, offering you a slice of paradise that feels like your own.

Finding your perfect Bali hideaway is about matching your family’s unique needs with a resort that can cater to them. 

Whether you’re after the thrill of adventure parks for the little ones, spa treatments to unwind, culinary delights to tantalise your taste buds, or simply a quiet nook away from the hustle and bustle, here are our top picks for family accommodation Bali.

Bali beach glamping family hut
Bali Beach Glamping – Family Hut

Bali Beach Glamping

Bali Beach Glamping offers families an immersive nature experience without compromising on luxury. 

Here, you can escape the everyday and bask in the splendour of Bali’s West Coast. 

With breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean, where the ocean and rice fields merge, Bali Beach Glamping provides an idyllic backdrop for a family retreat.

The Family Tent accommodate a family of 4.

40 square meters, their family tent includes a king bed, two single beds, a sofa, working desk, en-suite bathroom, minibar fridge, closet, and terrace. 

It also includes breakfast for 4 and starts from around $210 AUD per night

For the little explorers, there’s a world of adventure waiting.

Surfing, horse riding through rice fields, or for the older kids, a ATV adventure. 

Meanwhile, adults can savour moments of tranquillity with yoga on the beach, or simply enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sunset.

Grun uluwatu family villa
Grun Uluwatu – Treehouse Villa

Grun Uluwatu

Grun Uluwatu is a sustainable villa resort that prides itself on harmonising modern luxury with natural beauty. 

Perched atop the hills of Uluwatu, it offers families a contemporary sanctuary with forest views and the ocean’s expanse as a dramatic backdrop.

The resort’s treehouses and villas are thoughtfully designed around the existing trees, ensuring the natural environment remains undisturbed. 

Families have two exceptional accommodation options that cater to their needs. 

The two-storey Treehouse Villa, starting at $335 AUD per night, is an expansive choice featuring two separate guest bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. 

This largest treehouse offers shared common spaces, including a fully equipped kitchen, dining, living, and working areas, making it an ideal pick for families seeking a home away from home.

Alternatively, the Studio N family unit, starting at $235 AUD per night, provides a unique semi-open living space. 

This 2-bedroom family home is redesigned with an additional bedroom, embracing the tropical pavilion concept.

The 85 sqm villa is a perfect blend of comfort and eco-conscious design for family stays.

Grun Uluwatu features two restaurants, a 25-meter infinity pool, and kid’s playground, alongside a 200 sqm office and co-working area. 

These family accommodation options within Grun Uluwatu are designed to ensure that every family member has their space for relaxation and privacy.

kini villa
Kini Resort – Kini Villa

Kini Resort

Kini Resort stands out as the perfect holiday spot for families who love surfing and desire the privacy of their own villa, set away from the hustle and bustle of more crowded destinations like Bali or Lombok.

The resort is a serene haven where families can soak up the island vibes and reconnect with nature.

Kini Villa, the jewel in the crown of the resort, is an ideal choice for those seeking exclusivity and luxury.

Overlooking a world-class surf break, it allows families to check the surf conditions throughout the day, ensuring they never miss out on the perfect wave.

The villa is designed to offer comfort and luxury, with amenities that cater to a relaxing and indulgent stay.

Starting at $450 AUD per night, the villa has all the comforts of home with luxurious king size and single beds, a full kitchen, dining room, organic amenities and private infinity lap pool.

The resort’s Sapphire restaurant provides not only a tantalising dining experience but also Japanese fusion cuisine to delight the palate.

Guests can enjoy their meals with front row views of the surf, adding an exciting visual element to the dining experience.

Kirana Retreat – Family Cabin

Kirana Retreat

Tucked away in West Sumbawa, Kirana Retreat is a secret awaiting discovery, away from the bustling crowds. 

This gem of a resort overlooks a private bay adorned with schools of fish and a kaleidoscope of coral reefs, an underwater playground for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

Kirana’s all-inclusive packages are the epitome of hassle-free holiday planning. 

From arranging flights from Bali to taking care of your stay, meals, and activities, they handle it all. 

Just two minutes away by scooter, families can access world-class surf breaks, while non-surfers can indulge in yoga classes at the shala with a view of the bay, letting the sea breeze facilitate a deep, healing breath.

The resort’s restaurant voted one of the best in Sumbawa, caters to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. 

There is a range of activities for guests: from paddle boarding and kayaking to horse riding along the beach at sunset. 

You can also book a cooking class to learn Indonesian cuisine hosted by their master chef. 

Perfect for the entire family. 

Other activities include volleyball, surfing lessons, waterfall explorations, and even whale shark tours.

They even have a turtle conservation program where you can release your very own turtle into the ocean.

How cool is that!

And after a day of adventure, unwind with a skilled masseuse whose hands will melt the stress away.

For families, the accommodation at Kirana Retreat is as comforting as it is convenient. 

The Family Cabin provides a snug haven with modern amenities. 

An open-plan design features a kitchenette for easy meal prep and a lounge for relaxing together. 

Two separate bedrooms offer private sanctuaries of calm, ensuring everyone can enjoy restorative sleep. 

The practicalities of a desk and ample closet space make this cabin a home away from home, starting from $320 AUD per night.

Kirana Retreat offers a serene sanctuary for families, a place to connect, relax, and experience a side of Indonesia that remains untouched by the typical tourist trail. 

It’s a place where adventure meets tranquillity, where every family member finds their slice of paradise.

Bobocabin Ubud – Executive Cabin


Bobocabin redefines the cabin experience, blending the simplicity of nature with the finesse of modern technology. 

Unlike traditional resorts, these high-tech cabins located in several locations across Indonesia offer a compact luxury that encourages family bonding and exploration of the surrounding nature.

Here, families can enjoy a campfire, engage in board games, or venture out for hiking and water sports. 

The integration with nature is seamless, as evidenced by the cabins’ smart windows and mood lamps, all controllable with a bespoke B-Pad. 

Dining experiences are likely enriched by the natural setting, offering an intimate atmosphere for families to enjoy their meals.

Bobocabin also offers the Executive Cabin at their Ubud location, perfect for families or groups of friends. 

This cabin, suitable for up to four people, features both a king-sized and a queen-sized bed, providing ample space and comfort for everyone. 

Starting at $165 AUD per night, the Executive Cabin ensures that families can maximise their time together.

It’s the simple pleasures, the intimacy of the small space, and the grandeur of the natural setting that craft an unforgettable family narrative at Bobocabin.

Katamaran Resort – Family Suite

Katamaran Resort

Situated on the idyllic Mangsit beachfront of Lombok, Katamaran Resort, offers families a tropical sanctuary. 

The resort’s location provides stunning views of Mount Agung and a serene beach where families can indulge in luxury and comfort. 

With its infinity glass pool, two additional swimming pools, and private beach access, Katamaran caters to both the playful and peaceful sides of family holidays.

Children can enjoy activities like volleyball, while parents may find relaxation at the Soul Bliss Spa or by joining a beach yoga session. 

The Kliff Bistro and Sail Restaurant offer dining experiences that serve a mix of international and local dishes, ensuring that every meal is both a delight and a discovery.

For accommodation, families can choose between two excellent options. 

The Two-Bedroom Tropical Pool Villa provides a private and luxurious setting with a master bedroom, twin single beds in the second room, and a large living space with a TV.

A private swimming pool and deck complete the experience. 

This villa starts from $575 AUD per night.

Alternatively, the Two-Bedroom Family Suite offers a cozy living area, dining room, and interconnecting rooms, making it ideal for family stays. 

The Family suite starts from $355 AUD per night.

Both options are designed to ensure that families have a comfortable and memorable stay at Katamaran Resort.

Finding the perfect family accommodation Bali

In the search for the perfect family holiday, it’s clear that each resort presents its own unique slice of paradise. 

Whether it’s the wellness-focused luxury of Kirana Retreat or the cultural tapestry at Origin Lombok, the key is to find a place that resonates with your family’s preferences. 

It’s about striking the right balance between adventure and downtime, cultural immersion and relaxation.

When planning your trip, think about the activities that will suit your family and create a bonding experience. 

Is it the thrill of surfing together, the tranquillity of beachfront yoga, or the richness of engaging with local traditions?

Remember, the perfect family getaway isn’t just about the destination; it’s about the shared moments and the memories you create. 

These are the treasures that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home. 

So, take the time to consider what will make your holiday special and embrace the journey of discovery together.