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16 Best Beaches in Indonesia the Locals Don’t Want you to Know About

best beaces in indonesia
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Are you ready to get away from the busy hustle and bustle? If so, check out these ten best beaches in Indonesia that aren’t in the travel brochures or on Instagram. 

Trust us – when it comes to secret beaches, Indonesia has some of the most stunning spots in Southeast Asia. 

From pink and orange sand beaches to colourful underwater adventures, you’re sure to encounter plenty of epic experiences as you explore these lesser-known destinations. 

So pack your swimsuits and sunscreen; we’re about to reveal some truly remarkable locations that even many locals don’t know about!

Best Beaches in Lombok  

Lombok is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in South East Asia, with stunningly beautiful vistas and natural wonders that will keep you enthralled for hours.

Source: Attractive Lombok – Pantai Tunak

One of the best examples of this is Pantai Tunak, a stunningly picturesque beach tucked away in the national park of Mount Tunak. 

Here you will find nothing but raw tropical nature and jaw-dropping ocean views. While there, be sure to bring some snacks and drinks as there are no amenities here.

Another great destination for those looking for an unforgettable beach experience is Pantai Bilasayaq, renowned for its incredible cliff-jumping opportunities and fantastic sea views.

Source: Gadiza Lombok – Tanjung Bongo

If you’re looking for another secluded experience closer to town, then Tanjung Bongo is one that should be on your list to see. 

Situated behind the green ‘Teletubbies’ hills of Bukit Merese in the south of Lombok, just east of Kuta, this beach offers a truly unique mix of volcanic rocks set against sugar-white sand and framed by endless green hills on one side and the azure blue sea on the other.

Source: Lombok Fast Boats – Tanjung Bloam

Last but not least, don’t miss out on visiting Tanjung Bloam – The Forgotten Heaven. 

Tanjung Bloam boasts some outstanding views from its flanking cliffs and rock stones extending into the coastline. 

It’s also a Turtle Conservation area, so you might even spot turtles from the beach or get to swim with them.

Best Beaches in Sumbawa

When visiting Sumbawa’s beaches, you can expect an unspoiled landscape of white sand, crystal-clear water, and a wealth of untouched natural wonders. 

From the stunning Pantai Lawar beach to the renowned surf havens of Super sucks and Yoyo’s Beach, there is something for everyone.

Source: Kirana Retreat – Pantai Lawar

If you’re looking for a serene escape from it all, then Pantai Lawar is the perfect spot for you. Here, you can relax and take in the breathtaking views while staying at Kirana Retreat. 

You will be surrounded by untouched nature and the sound of the lapping waves on the shore, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. 

And if you get hungry during your stay, there is even a restaurant onsite so that you don’t have to go far to find delicious food. 

Source: Kirana Retreat – Turtle Release

This resort also offers regular turtle releases from Pantai Lawar; this activity is something truly wonderful.

Source: Barry Kusuma – Moyo Island

On Moyo Island sits Ai Manis Beach – an underwater paradise where colourful coral reefs house an abundance of marine life. 

This beach is the ideal destination for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts who want to explore the depths of this magical place. 

It’s also home to wild pigs and deer that roam freely among the pristine landscape.

Source: Kini Resort – Yoyo’s

If surfing is more up your alley, then Supersucks and Yoyo’s Beach are two breaks that must not be missed when visiting Sumbawa’s beaches. 

Both are well-known destinations among pro surfers eager to ride these legendary waves.

Source: Afi Holle – Satonda Island

Last but not least, Satonda Island boasts a remarkable crater lake in its centre – once home to a volcano that has since been filled with salty water – making it one of Sumbawa’s most unforgettable sights.

Best Beaches in Komodo

Source: The Discoverer – Pink Sand Beach

The beaches of Komodo, Indonesia, are truly unique. One of the most remarkable beaches on the island is Pink Sand Beach. 

This beach is incredibly rare and one of only a few in the world due to its pink hue. The colour comes from foraminifera, which are tiny organisms found in coral reefs. 

They release a red dye that turns the sand into a pale shade of pink. It’s an amazing sight to behold, and many visitors love to take pictures against its soft backdrop. 

You might even get the chance to see the famous komodo dragons on your trip.

Source: Sudamala Resort – Padar Island

Another place worth visiting is Padar Island. It has an iconic X shape with three bays – each with a different coloured beach. 

In one bay, you’ll find white sand; in another, black sand; and in the third pink sand! 

This combination is unique to this island and gives visitors a truly unforgettable experience as they explore the stunning landscape. 

Whether you’re looking for a serene escape or an opportunity to capture some breathtaking photos, it’s definitely worth exploring this special island.

Best Beaches in Sulawesi

Sulawesi offers stunning white sand beaches like Mahoro Island, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the active Karangetang volcano in the distance. 

There are also gorgeous pink and red-hued beaches, such as Pasir Merah Beach and Pasir Panjang Beach.

Source: Swiss-Belhotel – Pasir Panjang Beach

Pasir Panjang Beach – also known as Long Sand Beach – is Labengki’s longest beach and one of its most stunning sights. 

The powdery white sand stretches along a long stretch of shoreline while crystalline waters lap against the shore. 

It’s a great spot for swimming, snorkelling or spending some time paddling through the crystal-clear water on a kayak. 

There are plenty of nearby restaurants serving up delicious local Sulawesi cuisine as well, making it a perfect spot to end your day after exploring this remarkable destination.

Source: Naviri Magazine – Pasir Merah Beach

Pasir Merah Beach offers another unique experience with its reddish-orange coloured sand. 

This picturesque beach is renowned for the extraordinary colour of its sand made from the beautiful coral reefs that surround it. 

Make sure to take advantage of snorkelling in these crystal-clear waters. 

Source: Robert Harding – Mahoro Island

Mahoro Island is home to pristine white sand beaches, and the views here are simply breathtaking.

You can also spot the active Karangetang volcano off in the distance. It truly doesn’t get much better than that! 

Best Beaches in Maluku Provence

Source: Bali Unforgettable Moments – Ora Beach

Ora Beach is located in the remote Seram Island of Maluku Province, Indonesia. 

It is a stunning paradise that has been largely undiscovered by tourists, giving it a unique appeal. 

The beach itself is surrounded by lush palm trees and white sand, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and tranquillity. 

There are many options for exploration too, whether you fancy exploring the beautiful coral gardens below or taking a boat ride to explore the island’s unique wildlife.

The waters around Ora Beach are crystal clear, perfect for snorkelling amongst its vibrant coral reefs. 

The colours on display here never cease to amaze, from bright reds to deep blues to yellow fronds swaying in the gentle current. 

And with so little interference from people, you may even spot some rare species of marine life that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

When it comes to enjoying the beach life, there’s no shortage of activities at Ora Beach.

You can swim in its pristine waters or lounge on its sun-kissed sands with a good book. 

You’ll get to explore some amazing sights and see plenty of wonderful wildlife when visiting Ora Beach.

Source: Amazing Indonesia – Sulamadaha 

Sulamandah Beach is another hidden gem located nearby in Maluku Province. 

Sulamandah Beach boasts black sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear water as well as an abundance of colourful corals and fish, which makes it another great spot for diving and snorkelling adventures. 

Due to its relative isolation, you’re likely to have these secluded grounds all to yourself.

Source: Kini Resort

This is only a partial selection of the countless secret shores still to be uncovered in Sumatra, Maluku, Sulawesi and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot to watch the sunset, an adventure playground with plenty of activities, or just somewhere to relax and soak up the sun, there’s sure to be a beach in Indonesia for everyone.